10+ Apps Everyone Should Know About this Months
This is a list of the Latest Apps You need to Check Out 
•Neo Launcher
•Native Alpha
•Lovey Wallpapers
•Universal Android Debloater
•Search Widget (Material You)
•Ambient Music Mod
•Undo Notification

Apps every smartphone should have this Month

1.Neo Launcher

This is a new Innovative Android Launcher like no other, a brand New Gesture based Android Home App.

The Most Outstanding Features of Neo Launcher are;
•It has a clear UI
•Easy Navigation
•It Supports Multiple Gestures
•Its a Minimalist app

Click here to Download 


This is An Audio and Video Downloader with a sweet design.

•Download videos and audio files from video platforms supported by yt-dlp
•Embed metadata and video thumbnail into extracted audio files
•Download all videos in the playlist with one click
•downloader for all your downloads
•Embed subtitles into downloaded videos
•Execute custom yt-dlp commands with templates
•Manage in-app downloads  

•custom command templates
•Easy to use and user-friendly
•Material Design 3 style UI
The Downside however is that this App is not On Playstore.
But you can Get it from here


This App is a Great App for Running a lot of Background App Activity as Your App Runs in the Background.
With this App you can Run YouTube while Your Screen is Off

•listening to music on YouTube
•staying online on WhatsApp and other text messengers
•running your favorite game

You can Get it here

4.Native Alpha

With Native Alpha,You can Enjoy your favourite websites full-screen, Boarderless experience,create homescreen shortcuts, and a lot more

Here the Most Unique Features about this App.
• Shows any website in a borderless full-screen window using Android System WebView (PWA-like)
• Create home screen shortcuts and retrieves icons in suitable resolution
• Less memory footprint and no privacy-invading app permissions in comparison to native apps
• Many settings (JavaScript, Cookies, adblocking, location access, etc.) can be set for every Web App individually
• Navigation with multi-touch gestures while browsing.
• Opt-in adblock using an AdBlock Plus custom WebView.
• Dark mode for Android 10+
The Good News is, You can Get this App from Playstore

5.Lovey Wallpapers

This App Provides You with The Best Wallpapers for Lovey dovey People. The Uniqueness from  other Wallpaper Apps is that, it has 400+ premium Handmade Wallpapers for Personal Use Only
The app Comes with It Comes With Amoled, Abstract, Minimal, 3D, Pattern, Pastel, Typography & So On.

This is Why You need this Wallpaper App
Minimal, Sleek & Straight Forward UI.

•500+ Carefully Handcrafted Wallpapers & Many More ;)
•4K+ High Resolution Wallpapers.
•Wallpaper Of The Day (Random).
• Shuffle Wallpaper (sets your wallpaper randomly).
•Edit Local Image & Set It As Your Wallpaper.
•Push Notifications (To Get App Updates).
•Sleek & Minimal Animations.
• 10+ Categories To Choose From & Will Be Adding More Soon!

You can Get the App from here

6.Universal Android Debloater.
This App is for Removing Bloatware from You device, However it's still in it's Early Stages of Development.

•Uninstall/Disable and Restore/•Enable system packages
• Multi-user support (e.g apps in work profiles)
• Export/Import your selection in uad_exported_selection.txt
• Multi-device support: you can connect multiple phones at the same time
•All your actions are logged so you never forget what you've done

Click here to download


This app gives Different Phone Templates
You can Follow the HiShoot Community here for more Templates

There also a telegram Channel for Devoted Users.

This App is App is a Combination of both A calculator and a Note taking App.It works like MsExcel but Minimalist and Simpler.
This is an App you have been Missing for a Longtime

•Instant Calculation and Results
•Multi-line calculations & references
•Different keypads with operations
•Save & Export
•Customize appearance

You can get the App from here

9.Search Widget (Material You)

This is a standalone search bar widget for Your Smartphone. This app will set you back by $0.61

•Search providers: Google, DuckDuckGo, Nova, Sesame, Bing, Firefox, Brave, Netflix
-•Standalone app
• Colors adapt to wallpaper
•Mimics Pixel launcher's search bar from android 12
•Supports all launchers
•Android 8.0 and above

You can Download the App here


This app Allows ROM customisation to Android devices 12+
Apps new and latest themes are Posted to the  community: https://repainter.app/themes
In Some devices, Root Permission maybe Required

Customize your phone with Repainter:
• Choose colors from your wallpaper, or pick your own color
• Change accent and background colors
• Get Android 13's new theme styles on any device
• Change colorfulness and brightness, including pure AMOLED black
• Advanced controls for behavior and color targets
• Preview themes and colors instantly
Explore the theming community:
• Save and share your themes with the world
• Pick from hundreds of community-made themes
• Search for themes with your favorite color

You can download it from here


This app Widepapers is full of Awesome Widescreen Wallpapers with New Wallpapers adding everyday.

• Material You Adaptive
•Notifications Enabled
•Wallpapers organized in categories
•New Wallpapers everyday
•Download Option Available

You can Download the app here

12.SimpleLogin| AntiSpam

This App is the Best Anti-Spam Tool, this app is a saver.


• Manage aliases: create/edit/delete & enable/disable an alias.
• Manage contacts: create contacts to send email from your aliases.
• Manage mailboxes: create/delete/make default a mailbox.
• Share extension: create alias without leaving your browser.
• Secure login with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).
• Support self-hosted: you can use this application with your own SimpleLogin instance.

You can download simplelogin  here

13.Ambient Music Mod

This App allows You to Paly MUSIC not Only on Pixels but in all Android Devices

•Full Now Playing support, based on the latest version from Pixel devices and the latest music databases
•Automatic Ambient Music recognition, with settings to control how often recognition runs - finding the right balance between battery usage and convenience
•Now Playing History and Favourites support
•Support to trigger recognitions manually, including a homescreen widget
•On Demand recognition on supported devices, using the •Google Assistant-backed recognition engine for songs that are not in the local database (must be triggered manually)
•Show Now Playing songs on the lock screen (accessibility service required)
•View the full track list of recognisable songs, and change the database location if your taste does not match your device's locale

You can Download the App here

14.Undo Notification

This App works Offline and Doesn't steal User data.
What this App does is to undo deleted Notifications from to Your Device.
This App will set you back by $1.21

You can Download the app Here

15.CalenTile Quick Settings Tile

This App works Alongside Your Calendar and Allows You to Check Your Calendar Event without necessarily Checking the Calendar. It will set you back by $1.03

How to use:
•Edit your quick settings panel and drag the Next Events CalenTile onto it
•If you're running MIUI long press the CalenTile to go to the app's settings, navigate to Other Permissions and give it permission to Diplay Pop-Up Windows While Running In The Background
•Tap CalenTile and when it asks give it permission to read your calendar
•Let CalenTile do it's thing

You can download the App here