How to Create android Apps and Monetize with Admob


Hello many People Have been asking me How to create an app like PornDroid

How to create an Android app

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Frequently asked Questions are all Answered here

Take under consideration that in case you adjust the email, you'll must use the new e-mail to get right of entry to in your control panel.

How to down load app and proportion it?

In your manipulate panel, inside the vertical menu for edit the app, exists an choice labeled 'Download app'.

Click on it to open the app down load web page. You can download apk or aab document and publish it on app stores like Google Play.

Message 'The application isn't but to be had'

This message means app is producing and can be to be had in a few minutes, some times it could take even five to ten minutes, just Keep Refreshing the Page

In case method takes extra than 10 mins go to 'General data' > 'Name and Icon' phase and click on Save button to restart era procedure.

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Device message on app set up

Almost all Android devices suggests a security caution message whilst person tries to install an app that hasn't been downloaded from Google Play.

Usually this message may be unnoticed and user can keep with set up.

To avoid show this message, the app has to be posted on Google Play.

Apps additionally works on iOS(iPhone)?

No. At the instant apps are not compatible with iOS, however we've plans to introduce this gadget in some months.

Is vital to reinstall the app on each app modification?

No, changes are carried out mechanically to the app. Simply close and open the app to look the changes.

The particular exception are modifications made in 'General info' > 'Name and Icon'. These adjustments require to down load and installation apk again.

How to get better a deleted app?

You can get better a deleted app from the link that exists underneath button to create a new app.


How to publish an app on Google Play?

You ought to create a Google Play developer account and put up your apps on this account.

From August 1, 2021, new apps should be posted in the aab layout. You can download the app in aab layout activating the setting in 'General info' > 'Name and Icon'.

Issues associated with app signing

All apps created with AppCreator24 are already signed with a sign particular for each customer. (All apps created through the equal consumer have the same signal)

In case of aab format, is obligatory to enroll in to Google Play Signing Service. To try this, without a doubt pick the default option that appears when you upload aab file for first time (Let Google manipulate and shield your app signing key)

Website on How to make apps Interface

On the other hand, in case of apk layout you don't ought to use Google Play Signing Service. (From August 1, 2021, all new apps need to be published on aab format)

A message about 'Unoptimized APK' appears

At the moment it's now not feasible to keep away from this message, however note that this message doesn't prevent to post app on Google Play

If the option to Publish the app is disabled, it's because you want to fill some phase in your Google Play console

Privacy Policy

Google Play calls for to enter a web cope with for your Google Play console that suggests the app Privacy Policy.

Also calls for to expose a link into the app to the Privacy Policy.

You can get the hyperlink from the section 'General Info' > 'General' of your AppCreator24 manipulate panel.

In the identical section make certain you've got activated the option to expose the hyperlink inside the menu of the app.

My app has been suspended

Google Play takes its guidelines very critically, so we recommend reviewing them thoroughly earlier than publishing an app.

If you don't comply, ensure that Google Play will suspend your app.

Normally while Google Play suspends an app it sends an e-mail indicating the purpose. If your app has been suspended study cautiously the email despatched via Google to recognise the motive for the suspension and, if it's viable, accurate it.

It's crucial no longer to copy coverage moves because numerous suspensions purpose a definitive suspension of the entire account.

If the suspension of your app is associated with the Privacy Policy, ensure you have entered a privacy coverage within the app Google Play tab. Also make sure you have got activated the choice to expose the link to the privacy coverage in the app. You can get the link and prompt this option from 'General Info' > 'General' in your AppCreator24 manipulate panel.

If the suspension is associated with a 'Malicious behavior of the app' make sure you've got disabled the option to notify customers approximately new updates. This option is in the same vicinity as the preceding one.


Sections control

To regulate, upload or delete sections of your app go to 'Sections' in your control panel.

Click 'Create section' button to look all available sections.

If the app has Sliding or Top menu kind, the hyperlink to the Privacy Policy is robotically added to the menu. You can take away it from 'General Info' > 'General' despite the fact that remember that if the app is published on Google Play it is required to reveal it.

Design (Menu type, Colors, Font)

From 'General Info.' > 'Design' you could adjust all components of the design of your app.

For example you could pick the primary menu kind. You can also pick a shade scheme or input your custom colorations.

You can also alter the font of the app and customize the icons that seem at the top.

Search in app

You can show a search textual content field inside the app so customers can locate the sections in a quick way.

To activate it go to 'General info.' > 'Design' > 'Top Bar Icons' and spark off the magnifying glass icon(Sections).

Edit the icon to set search alternatives.

The seek is completed by default within the title of the sections. In Advanced options of every phase you can set search keywords.

PDF,DOC,and so on. Files

It's possible to reveal inside the app files of kind pdf, document, and so forth.

However, it isn't always viable to upload them at once to our servers. Files ought to exist on a few different server.

There are numerous methods to reveal them. For example you may create a segment of 'Web' kind and enter the URL of the document.

Another way could be to create a section of kind 'HTML', 'Cards' or another kind and create links inside the segment to the files.


Is possible to display a login page at app stage or at a social section level(Chats, Users finder sections,..)

To set app stage login go to 'General information' > 'General'. To set segment stage login, set it from the section settings.

You can set up login via electronic mail or Facebook and/or Google login.

Access password

It's feasible to set a global access password for the complete app from General Info. > General.

You also can set an get right of entry to password for every phase from the Advanced settings of the phase.


Which codecs are supported?

Audio type sections help almost all available codecs.

Video sections can use the internal Android media participant or ExoPlayer. We recommend to strive both to check which works higher for the video layout.

Use other media participant

From Video sections settings you could select to use the internal Android participant, or the ExoPlayer participant.

In case you do not need to use neither of these media gamers, create an HTML phase(or different segment type) and positioned URL into this phase.

In 'Advanced settings' of the section set 'Open links externally'.

In this way, device will ask to user which app to use to open hyperlinks.


Ban users and contents

In social sections like Chats and User Finder sections you could ban customers, and delete images and texts.

To try this use the button labeled 'Review..' that's at the pinnacle of those sections.

Undo a ban

On the customers review page there is a hyperlink within the pinnacle proper labeled 'Users recuperation'.

It isn't always viable to undo a ban that a person of the app makes over some other user, it is handiest viable to undo the bans made by using the app administrator from the control panel.

Delete messages

You can delete all messages in a chat with the trash icon that appears in 'Chat review' page.

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Contact chat

If your app incorporates 'Offices' your customers can touch you the use of the touch chat that looks in every 'Office'.

You can view messages that users send you thru this chat, within the 'Conversations' phase of your manipulate panel.

System will notify you by using email when you receive new messages and you haven't visible them in a couple of minutes.

Keep in thoughts that from the section 'Send notifications' you may send chat messages so users respond immediately inside the touch chat.


Links between sections

It's possible to create hyperlinks in a section to open every other phase.

To do this you need to placed a connection with the vacation spot segment in 'Advanced settings' of the phase.

The way to create the link within the source section depends on the sort of section, however it'll always be a link that points to 'move:A' (Assuming that the reference of the vacation spot segment is A).

For instance, the HTML code to make the link could be the following:

<a href='go:A'>Go to section A</a>

There are sections like 'Images gallery' or 'Cards' that permit to create links definitely by using deciding on the section you need to open.

Deep hyperlinks (Links to open the app from a web page)

You can create links to open your app, and hyperlinks to open a selected phase.

This kind of hyperlinks may be located on any internet page and most effective works if the user has the app established.

In case the consumer doesn't have the app mounted, the hyperlink redirects the user to the app down load web page.

Assuming that the app has the identification range 123, the hyperlink to open it'd be:

http://www.Appcreator24.Com/open123/ (Note the trailing decrease)

To open a particular section you have to add the section reference to the stop of the hyperlink. For example:


You can locate phase reference in 'Advanced settings' of the section.

Links to Phone name, Whatsapp, etc.


how to earn cash with my app?

Please go to our unique guide approximately this subject matter:

Ads don't appear


Service is unfastened? (Adfree service)

The carrier is unfastened with limitless time, however we will show commercials within the apps.

If you put ads at the app, then 80% of users will see your advertisements and the remaining 20% ours.

If you do not set any ad then we can show an interstitial ad while user opens the app. This advert could be proven at most one time every 10 instances the user opens the app.

We have the Adfree service to not display any advert to the primary 100 users of every day. Please check 'Adfree Service' section to look greater info.

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Create new sections and eliminate those you don't want: From 'Sections' you can remove the sections that you do not need and you could upload all sections that you need. You can create, amongst others, internet sections, HTML sections and sections with images, films and track.

Customize hues and design: You can trade the colours of each section personally or pick out a fashion for the whole application. You also can choose the menu type on your app and personalize icon of the app, startup photograph and menu icon.

Send messages(notifications) for your users: From 'Send messages' you can send messages without delay to mobile phones of all of your users. This is a completely beneficial way of conversation to ship information, promotions, and so on.

Publish your app on Google Play

Thanks for reading: HOW TO MAKE ANDROID APPS WITH NO CODING KNOWLEDGE, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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