How to Get free Internet worldwide using Wire Tun VPN


Wire Tun VPN is the Latest In the VPN industry
Wire Tun VPN

It Gives Free Internet On Select Internet Service Providers
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The Countries that Wire Tun Supports Right now is Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and the USA. in Future it shall be Rolled out to more Countries.
This has been tested in Airtel Uganda and Airtel Tanzania

Which Protocol Does Wire Tun Use
Wire Tun uses the TCP Protocol code names Punch Hole to navigate and Give Free Internet Connection on some Internet Service Providers
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What is TCP?
TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol a communications wellknown that enables utility applications and computing devices to alternate messages over a community. It is designed to send packets throughout the net and make sure the a success transport of records and messages over networks.

Is Wire Tun Related To worst VPN?
Wire Tun VPN is Related to Worst VPN but it's not the same VPN app
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How to Connect on Wire Tun VPN

To Use Free Internet On wire Tun VPN
Just Select a server and Press Connect, importantly buy a small Package of Data.
This Helps in Fetching the default Configurations which are Hosted Online,
Then in Servers, Choose any Optimised
There's no need for Any Configuration Files
Enjoy wire Tun VPN

To Change servers location Click that

Getting Info...


  1. for sure it's incredible on airtel
    1. ENJOY
  2. Not working
    1. The app is facing server Challenges but works
      Wait for Updates on the app TG Channel
  3. First of all, thank you for this wonderful application. Second: Why does the internet cut every 10 megabytes?
    1. We are a start up an we face Server Challenges Mostly
  4. Hello Netherland server and Germany server work only one minute after that I disconnect server and than again connect than they again works only one minute kindy check this problems Thanks
    1. Ok
  5. Some times I can connect but then remain offline
  6. Hello sir! In Afghansitan here faccbook messenger is not working try to solve this problem please .
  7. Facebook is not working
  8. I believe this VPN is now working perfectly
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