Internet tweaks


Facts about tweaks

1. It is illegal to sell any internet apart from the internet provided by specialised Internet Service Providers

2. The quarantee of every trick to last is always based on how the clients keep it a secret.

3. Every tricks blocked in the process of usage usually isn't the responsibility of those providing it, that's why in most cases refunds are not made as such cash are used as resources to upgrade the existing tricks to their best performances

4. The trick providers are not always responsible for any mis use of the tricks as their primary objectives are to inform the ISPs of these loopholes they have even though some of the trick providers may not have deeper understanding the penetration knowledge

5. No trick can last forever that is why most clients are expected to pay for maximumly on monthly basis as the trick is meant to be blocked anytime though it's life is based on how protected it is.

6. Posting tricks to out of excitement to other less secured social platform always increases it's chances of being blocked especially sharing to a platform where a large number of crowd is generated, this will bring hard times to the group managers or admins in tracing spies who automatically are enemies to the tricks

7. Attempting to expose such tricks to the ISPs for gaining their trust or as a method of revenge etc will always lead the person attempting to expose as the suspect of the ISPs, they will always become suspicious of where this person exposing has obtained these materials from. They (ISPS) are wiser than we think.

8. Every trick can be discovered by anyone who has the right equipment. That's why an individual can never own a whole trick alone whether an admin or not. At some point earlier or later others have to discover the trick for themselves too as the mechanisms used in detecting such loopholes has never changed for decades.


Special thanks to all the admin and owners of various secured telegram social platform and seasonal greetings from This family.

Thank you for connecting various individuals with various potentials

We are one and shall always be.

Thank you Very Much

Thanks for reading: FACTS ABOUT CHEAP INTERNET, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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